Be a StoryTeller

great people tell great stories

Vision – to transform human consciousness by providing a transformative educational experience.

How to become a Trainer

No matter how old you are, where you live, or what you can give, you can help people —and you can start right now.

Register to become a teacher

You have to to fill out this form

Together we can give leading edge education to unprivileged People and change the course of their life
1. Record 3 videos with 3 different Stories.
2. Apply to become one of the volunteers that are passionate about this art.
3. Get Approved.
4. Begin your journal.
If you want to be a teacher you also have the opportunity to help by completing this requirement:
1- create a video explaining about yourself
2- Email us the details of your Plan.
3- Get your application form by email.
4- Submit the requirements in one email.
5- Get approved.